Your wedding is a very special day for everyone because of all the wonderful and memorable things that happen.
Planning your wedding is an exciting time for both to share. Choosing the ring, gazing at beautiful dresses, preparing
your new home, all these take time. Eight or nine months before your day should give you plenty of time to
enjoy all the preparations of getting married.


First Steps

The first thing you will be planning for your wedding will probably be the budget. Talk between yourselves and your respective parents about the kind of service you would like. You may wish to married in a church or prefer a registry office – or even choose the Munstone House for your ceremony. This is possible as we hold a civil ceremony license. You will find that your parents will be an enormous help to you in discussing the budget. They will have a first hand knowledge of the best way to allocate the money. On your special day you will no doubt want the finest of everything so plan carefully the style of reception and honeymoon.

When you have decided, pay a visit to your vicar, registrar or minister and make arrangements for your marriage ceremony. They will be of great help to you both and will explain everything you need to know about walking up the isle and saying “I do”. If you wish, a rehearsal can be arranged to set you mind at ease and to assure you that it will all be perfect on your wedding day. Take this opportunity to apply for a marriage license if necessary.

Book Your Reception

When you have the date, arrange and book your reception. We will be more than happy to offer you any professional advice on catering matters, styles of seating arrangements and anything else you may be unsure of. You have probably discussed between yourselves who to invite so make a checklist. It is easy to forget somebody when you have so many people who want to be there on your special day. Think about your relatives and friends on both sides and write them down for your respective mothers to compile a guest list.

Bridesmaids and Best Man

It is now a good time to think of bridesmaids or attendants and the brides grooms aide – the best man. When your decision is made you can start shopping with them. This is especially exciting for the bride and bridesmaids going from shop to shop almost spellbound by the vast selection of beautiful gowns, dresses and fabrics available.

The bridegroom, best man and ushers can discuss their choice of attire. Top hat and tails can be hired inexpensively for the day or they could opt for the luxury choice of especially tailored suits.


The following checklists should prove to be useful when planning your wedding:

Bride’s Mother:

Arrange printing of invitations

Send out invitations

Order the wedding cake

Order wines

Hire the wedding photographer

Book the florist for the church and reception

Order the cake boxes

Arrange the display of presents

Hire the wedding cars

Contact the local newspaper for announcement

Arrange entertainment for the evening

Hire video company to film the event.

The Bridegroom:

Arrange the ceremony

Choose the best man

Hire morning dress

Order flowers for the bride, bridesmaids and mothers

Obtain registrars certificate if needed

Arrange the travel for the honeymoon

Arrange the cars to and from the church

Prepare response to the bridegrooms toast

Prepare toast to the parents

Choose bridesmaids gifts

The Bride:

Choose her bridesmaids

Select dress for bridesmaids and yourself

Book hair appointment

Make a list of preferred wedding gifts

The Best Man:

Look after the rings

Organise the cars from the church

Reply to the bridesmaids toast

Propose toast to the parents

Return the bridegrooms and your morning dress

The Brides Father:

Double check the transport arrangements

Order morning dress

Respond to toast to the parents

The Bridesmaids:

Choose dresses with the bride

Help the bride to dress

Chief bridesmaid takes charge of brides bouquet during the ceremony

Serve portions of cake at the reception

Top Table Seating Plan


At the reception the usual lineup waiting to greet the guests is as follows, the brides parents followed by the bridegrooms parents, then the bride and the bridegroom, then lastly the bridesmaids and the best man. This lineup ensures that both families have the opportunity to speak to all of the guests. But, conversation should be kept to a polite minimum as the queue can become unwieldy. Most receptions begin with an appetizer of sherry or champagne served before the meal. Include non-alcoholic alternatives for children and those who are driving or who do not drink.

Toasts and Speeches

The bride and bridegroom cut the cake

Toast “The Bride and Bridegroom”. This is normally proposed by the brides father or a close relative or friend of the family

Toast to “The Bridesmaids”. This is usually proposed by the bridegroom following his response to the first toast

The best man would then respond to the bridegrooms speech on behalf of the bridesmaids. He would also read the telegrams and a selection of cards to the guests.